5 Tips for New Gluten-Free Cooks for Risk-Free Food Preparation

1.  Acquaint Yourself with Risk-free Grains and Starches

Gluten-free food preparation  is all about education on how to replace gluten-free grains and starches for barley, wheat, and rye in all of their forms.

2.  Read Labels To Avoid Gluten in Processed Foods

Know which foods are frequent sources of gluten as a whole to help when grocery shopping.  Gluten can turn up anywhere, so read product labels very carefully!

The Gluten Intolerance Group of North American® has started the first certification program, The Gluten Free Certification Organization for testing of products. Look for the GFCO logo when shopping.

3.  Stop Cross-Contamination in Your Kitchen

Assign one area in your kitchen for keeping your gluten-free ingredients. Also, refrigerate or freeze your whole grain gluten free flours in labeled, sealed containers.

Ensure your food preparation surfaces, , mixer and pans, and utensils are free of any  gluten residue. Consider buying a new toaster to use for gluten-free toasting.

4.  Buy Packaged Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

Many groceries and foods stores are starting to carry a selection of packaged gluten-free baking mixes.  If you enjoy baking, buy some of these baking mixes. Using these packaged mixes convenient and fast way to see how working with gluten-free flours is different than working with gluten flours.

5.  Find A Good Gluten-Free Cookbook

Gluten-free cookbooks are great for new gluten-free cooks. Most have great glossaries of gluten-free ingredients.

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